Community News

Grafton CWA Branch

Our last meeting held July 8 in the CWA rooms, with acknowledgement to the country, singing of the National Anthem and CWA motto recited. There were 14 members were present and eight apologies were received.

Business arising report: North Coast Group Council meeting June 15, which was held in Bellingen. One of the main topics under discussion was the possibility of North Coast playing host to the 2024 State Conference. Ms Leonie Fysh was nominated to be one of the nominated persons to make enquires in regarding suitable venues to hold large setting areas.

Agricultural and Environmental report: presented Lesley McFarlane regarding the decimating mite infestation which is affecting the honey industry. The mite infestation comes from contaminated feral wild bees; therefore boxes, hives and bees have to be destroyed. Therefore, there will be a three-year quarantine within this industry. Areas affected are in the far west region of NSW, and possibly New Zealand.

Cultural report: Cheryl Barnes sun dial in the park near the river, this was erected fifty years ago to celebrate CWA in Grafton. This is to be removed from the park. We hope that this sun dial can be salvaged and placed near our rooms in the garden area.

Handicraft report: presented by Ruth Melouney. Material has been donated to the branch to make bags to sell.

Preparations for Medical Research fund raiser, tarts for Tarts Day afternoon tea September 9 in CWA Rooms. Medical research project 2022 is ovarian cancer. There will be lucky door prizes, and a raffle donated by Ruth Melouney.

International report: Wendy Proud. Country of study Latvia. In 1989 the people of Latvia held a non-violent protest holding hands across the country. The protest was 631km in distance the people were protesting for freedom in this nation.

Publicity report: CWA Branch is pleased with the CV Independent news publishing monthly reports and upcoming events.

CWA Centenary celebrations will be held Jacaranda Thursday. Morning tea and light lunch will be served in our rooms.

Next meeting will be held in our rooms on Friday August 12, cultural item China shoe. Handicraft morning July 11 & 25 from 930am, all welcome.

As we are now entering into a phase where some Covid -19 rules are becoming more relaxed. Hopefully, we can now have some normality with some activities in the community.

  1. Contacted ABC Radio station regarding “What is Going on with Bruce Page, 7.30 am Friday. This service is no longer available for the general public to have announcements on the airwaves.
  2. Visited Loving Life FM 103.1, have obtained paperwork. Community calendar script request slips require 10 days’ notice for air waves request.
  3. Contacted Barry Reeves Grafton Agricultural show Friday and Saturday May 6 & 7. Entry forms for handicraft and cooking section can be obtained from showground office.
  4. Contact RSL Sub- Branch to book Grafton CWA branch Anzac Day laying of wreath.

5.Sharon Davison and I were approached by Emma Pritchard from the CV Independent regarding any special news we have could she be contacted. We informed Emma that Val Woods is celebrating 100th Birthday this month. Emma informed that she would be delighted to do the interview.

  1. Lesley McFarlane could you please find out if there are any old CWA members are in-patients. Arrangements could be made to send out small floral posies
  2. Contact Mark Blackadder, the Group has nominated Sharon and I to obtain information regarding truck for 100-year celebration of CWA and vintage cars for the elderly. How many cars, how many elderlies will be available? Meeting with Mark, when I can contact him. This information will be taken to the next Group meeting.



Carol Smith