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Grafton CWA

The Grafton CWA branch held its monthly meeting Friday March 13, with 13 members in attendance and seven apologies accepted. We also welcomed Roslyn Miller a new member, and presented her with CWA badge.

The CWA Group meeting was held at the Maclean CWA branch on February 26. The Grafton CWA branch was rostered to run the trading table, raffle tickets, handicraft and cooking produce were on sale, the raffle was won by Jan Chisholm.

CWA held their annual cookery and handicraft competition at Glenreagh School of Arts hall Wednesday March 4.


Cookery section: 1st prize and champion cake, date loaf – Lesley McFarlane; 2nd prize sultana cake – Sharon Davison; 3rd  prize lime and buttermilk cake – Carol Smith.

Handicraft section: Article gaining the most overall points in group competition – Ruth Malouney, for her embroidered duchess set.

The Grafton Show will be held on Friday and Saturday May 1-2 and CWA members have been encouraged to enter in the cooking, and handicraft sections.

The Grafton CWA president Carol Smith attended the Grafton Embroidery Group at the ‘Joan Muir’ rooms for morning tea and along with RFS, to be presented with cheques donated by the Group. I wish to thank the ladies for their generous donation which CWA Grafton received, the donation was forwarded to the CWA Disaster fund in Sydney.

Our next meeting will be held Friday April 3 which is the first Friday, as Good Friday falls on the second Friday. Morning tea is at 9.30am with the meeting commencing at 10am. Ladies interested in joining CWA are welcomed to join us. Handicraft mornings are held at the CWA rooms Duke Street on the 2nd and 4th Monday at 9.30am. Morning tea is also served.

Carol Smith