Grafton class reunion

Ed, Since 1995, the Grafton High School Leaving Certificate class of 1950 has held regular reunions. It will be 68 years this year since we left school. Because of the problems of age, the numbers of these ex-students who are able to attend is growing smaller each year and so when we were approached by a representative of the 1952 class, we thought that it might be a good idea to join together so that a larger gathering would make it easier to arrange group activities. When we met to discuss these possibilities, we decided that we would also like to include the class of 1951, but met with a problem in that we did not know how to contact any of these people.  It seems that all of the ex-students that we had known have either moved away or passed on. We plan to hold our reunion in September this year, and so if any of your readers knows any of the 1951 class mates, we would like to hear from them.  I can be contacted on 6647 7255, and Daphne Giese (nee Hurley) can be contacted on 6645 2436 or 0417 406 190. Our reunions are always very happy times, and we are sure that any ex-pupil from these classes would enjoy the few days that we spend together. I look forward to making contact with a representative of that year. Vois Bancroft (nee McLennan), Grafton