Grafton Bridge Club

Tuesday April 5 

  1. Mary Mc Crohon and Fred Sherriff; 2. Bob Northam and Helen Niland; 3. Wendy Doyle and Jill Cox.

Thursday April 7


  1. Dennis Ford and Carolyn Seymour; 2. Vicki Williamson and Cheryl Shanley; 3. Denise Llewellyn and Ian Huxley.


  1. Peter McGruer and John Sheean; 2. Robyn Gillett and Beryl Kneale; 3. Lindin Ross and David Tasker.

Friday April 8


  1. Peter McGruer and Vicki Williamson; 2. Pamela Dougherty and Carolyn Seymour; 3. Frances Hiatt and Geoffrey Hiatt.


  1. Dennis Ford and Jean Felton; 2. Heather Brown and Marion Leaver; 3. Denise Llewellyn and Gladys Durrington.

Ian Huxley