Grafton Bridge Club

Tuesday March 1

Played online using the StepBridge platform.

  1. Jenny Sharpe and Geoff Sharpe; 2. Wendy Doyle and Jill Cox; 3. Marion Leaver and Kerry Harding.

Thursday March 3

Played at the Grafton Services Club.

N/S: 1. Geoff Hiatt and Vicki Williamson; 2. Dawn Rapley and Clare Henry; 3. Dennis Ford and Carolyn Seymour.

E/W: 1. Lynette Faragher-Sinclair and Julie Pearson; 2. Fred Sherriff and Jean Felton; 3. Val Hayward and Robyn Gillett.

Friday March 4

Played at the Grafton Services Club.

  1. Kerry Harding and Marion Leaver; 2. Val Hayward and Robyn Gillett; 3. Frances Hiatt and Geoffrey Hiatt.

The club plans to run bridge lessons for prospective players during the year. Please contact Bob Northam on 0413 493 274 or Ian Huxley on 0428 432 011 if you are interested in attending these lessons.

Ian Huxley