Grafton Bridge club


Tuesday October 12

The winners of our Stepbridge online tournament were Tess Bloomer and Ian Huxley; second were Wendy Doyle and Jill Cox; third were Geoff and Jenny Sharpe.

Wednesday October 13

A four table Howell movement was played with the winners being Neil Nagle and Bob Northam. Equal second were Fran and Geoff Hiatt/Carolyn Seymour and Dennis Ford.

Thursday October 14

A six and a half table Mitchell movement was played. N/S winners were Dennis Ford and Carolyn Seymour; second were Vicki Williamson and Geoff Hiatt; third were Corrie McGrath and Clare Henry.

The E/W position was won by Cheryl Shanley and Fran Hiatt, ahead of Heather Brown and Kerry Harding with Glad Durrington and Nettie Bennett in third place.

 Our Wednesday tournament is now open to all players rather than just the novice players.

Bob Northam