Good play equals handicap adjustment at Westlawn

The club just goes from strength to strength with 42 players hitting the back nine fairways on Sunday for a pairs aggregate Stableford event sponsored by the WGC and GDSC.

This is generally a game where the burglars come out to play so I was surprised that the winning score was well short of 50 points. The best score of the day was still a very good 44 points from Geoff McInerney and David Tasker, closely followed by Dave Lynch and Charles Doggett along with David Anderson and Joe Armstrong with 43 points, than followed Bob and Paul McFarlane with 40 points and Mark Newman and Jason Casserly also with 40 points.

The lowest score of the day was 30 points by new members Adam Crawley and Angus McKimm, welcome to the Westlawn Golf Club boys.

Along with Adam and Angus the Westlawn members would also like to welcome newcomers Dave and Scott Appleby and Chris Swain, they are the latest in a growing list of new members that are enjoying playing with the club.

The handicapper is still being kept busy with no less than 20 players needing a handicap adjustment after Sunday’s game with only three of them getting a shot back.

Next week we tackle the front nine for an individual Stableford event sponsored by the WGC and Grafton Golf Club.


Dave Lynch