Good news environmental story

Dear Ed,

Can you believe it, a good news story on the environment is the front page story on last week’s Independent newspaper (14/10/20)?

Can you remember any other photo and good news story on the environment on the front page of the Clarence Valley Independent since the inception of our free local community newspaper in 1994?

And another first for the Clarence Valley is the recent formation of Lions Club of Clarence – Environment, the first Lions Club – Environment in Australia. 

Lions Club Clarence  – Environment has been formed by a group of local residents who care about the state of the environment today, about the air we can no longer guarantee is safe to breathe, the water we drink, the soil that grows our food and local biodiversity- the web of plant and animal species that never have a vote in their future.

This local conservation group’s initial project is tree planting to restore koala habitat in the Clarence Valley with the support of volunteers from Maclean Landcare who have propagated thousands of local native trees at their Townsend nursery with additional support from our Clarence Valley Council. 

Today our pre-school children should be having fun, fun, fun and not worrying about jobs, jobs, jobs or virus, virus, virus.

However if our government’s budget “is guided by our values” and although” Our circumstances change but our values endure”, isn’t it time for our government’s values to change to better reflect what local people really treasure in our children’s new Covid world?


Harry Johnson, Iluka