Get Up is getting up the P.M’s nose!


Over one million ordinary Australian citizens of all ages and from all walks of life are members of Get Up which is really getting up the nose of the Morrison government.

Why these shameful attacks? Because the Morrison government appears hell bent on silencing all critics, be they journalists, whistle blowers, ordinary people and even our own children still too young to vote for their future.

How sad and shameful to attack so many people of all ages and from all walks of life, just because we are trying to contribute to and participate in those vital democratic processes we hold so dear.

No wonder the Morrison government is getting up the noses of so many Australians, from elderly grandparents like me to our very young children who are extremely distressed at the Morrison government’s inaction on our climate emergency, the very worst future we should be passing on to those who don’t yet have a vote in their future.

“The wrong people have all the rights.” So says Richard Powers in “The Overstory” his inspirational 2018 novel about the value of trees.

But if the Morrison government continues to try to take democratic rights from Australian people, ever more voters will start to vote for Get Up, because the future is what you choose.

Harry Johnson, Iluka.