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GDSC Westlawn Golf

Forty seven players took to the fairways on Sunday for a Stableford Pairs Aggregate event. The best score of the day was a fine 41 points by Charles Doggett and Dave Lynch closely followed by Nev Winters and Wilson Burns with 40 points and Pat Hagan and Russell Finch with 37 points, Charles had a nice 38 off the stick but the best individual score I heard of on the day was a very good 2 under par 33 from Jason Casserley. Nice Golf all round guys. I have not heard of any Waterboys from Sunday but I did hear about a few from last week, Peter Curd on the 1st, Rip Miller also on the 1st and Terry Ord on the 1st and 9th. I am pretty sure that was all but I will confirm those Memberships. Welcome to the club Gentleman. There will be a few changes come into force at Westlawn from next Sunday, April 17 due to a bad disease hitting our trees and requiring severe pruning. The course record will be suspended until January 2017 when the committee will have a look at the conditions also the course rating will move from 35 to 34 until further notice. With a bit of luck the Greenkeepers may be able to save the trees on the right hand side of the 3rd fairway and not have to prune these trees so severely, but if they can’t, the committee may have to consider an out of bounds on the left hand side similar to that on the right hand side of the 4th. One other thing to remember is that all the effected trees are in the rough so if you are unlucky enough to have your ball land near a stump or a bare patch where a tree has been removed, there is no relief and the ball must be played as it lies or take a one shot penalty. Next Sunday is a Single Stableford event in conjunction with the Captain verses President Teams Trophy. Starters will be D Lynch and C Doggett with D Roberts and M Biggs to handle the results. Sunday April 24 will be a Single Stableford event. Starters will be R Rodd and P Curd with J Ellis and G McCowen handling the results. The Community Bus Event has been moved to June 26. Dave Lynch