GDSC Swimming Club

Summer must be just around the corner as an almost record number of swimmers crammed into the pool this week.

Carissa Welch re-joined and was given a very warm welcome back and Terry and Max continued to help out with time keeping.

Geoff (Chicko) Simkus, Terry Marsh, David Moon, Richard Sear and Sharon Welch were the finalists in the 50m freestyle event.

The field was very spread out and it wasn’t until the last three metres that the group bunched up.

Searsy touched out Geoff but both lads were handed disqualifications and the win was given to David who swam a time that was very hard to beat – 28.01 off a nominated 29.

Coming home in second place was Marshy and Sharon was third.

The final of the 25m freestyle was almost a duplicate of the previous race with Geoff Simkus, Terry Marsh, David Moon, Damien O’Mahony and Sharon Welch mounting the blocks in readiness for the starters call.

The pressure was on right from the word go and the distance was covered in a flash.

Damien touched first and with a time of 14.12 off a nominated 15 was awarded the win. Second place was taken out by Geoff and Terry was placed third.

The finalists’ in the 25m B B & B were also swimming for the honour of taking home the Wykes Tyrepower cup so competition was bound to be fierce.

In the water or on the blocks, depending on the stroke they were doing were Gary Dixon, Terry Marsh, John Wainwright, Lorri Griffiths and Sharon Welch.

Water in the pool was rough as five competitors fought to take the lead and time keepers stepped back to avoid being swamped.

As the turmoil subsided it was Gary who emerged as the winner swimming 20.05 off a nominated 21. Terry scooped up second place and Lorri, just thrilled to have made a final, was placed third.

Toni Ensbey