GDSC Swimming Club

Jenny Vickery certainly carried the flag for the ladies of the GDSC Swimming Club at the competition on Tuesday evening of last week, with two finals wins.

The first race was a 50-metre relay, where the two swimmers had to swim 25 metres freestyle followed by 25 metres of breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly. Finalists David Moon and Terry Marsh were very speedy but received a disqualification. Natalie Durrington and Jill Enks came second, and the first prize went to Jenny Vickery and Andrew Madden.  Well done, Jenny and Andrew!

Standing on the blocks for the 50-metre freestyle final were Adam Pearce, Jenny Vickery, Tracey Hill and Steve Donnelly. Unfortunately, Adam, Tracey and Steve were too speedy, leaving a delighted Jenny to collect first place, with a very good time of 56.36 off a nominated 57.

The last race for breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly over 25 metres featured finalists Richard Sear, David Moon, Terry Marsh and Natalie Durrington. Marshy and Natalie were first to reach the wall, but alas they were too fast, with both earning disqualifications. Richard was happy to take the win and Moony scored second place.

Members are reminded of our Presentation night which will take place at the GDSC on Saturday evening May 28, and our 50th anniversary swim and barbecue lunch on Sunday June 26. Both events promise to be full of fellowship and fun.

Jill Enks