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From Schaeffer House

cvi   Last Wednesday 15 June, Schaeffer House celebrated the official opening of their Ambulance display. This celebrated 90 years of the beginning of the Ambulance Service in the Clarence Valley and 80 years since the opening of the Ambulance Station on its present site in Prince Street. At the opening, the Historical Society were joined by three serving ambulance officers as well as 25-30 guests to celebrate the opening. Pat Phillips expressed her many thanks through a speech she made at the opening on the day, “this display gives us all the opportunity to learn a little of the history and meet some of the people in our Valley who served here over the years, we say thank you for your service”. She went on to also thank Sue Gibson “whose interest and passion has brought this display to fruition”, as well as the community members who brought information and interesting objects to include in the display. She thanked the officers of the community who are always there to help us during our hour of need, “like angels of mercy who come to save lives, relieve pain and give comfort to those in need”.