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Freemason in Maclean – the COVID-19 impact

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected our community and our region. We have all experienced an assault on many of the things we take for granted, such as shaking hands, dining out, greeting friends with a hug, team sport and so on.

Since early 2020 there have been many changes to our lives: social distancing, closure of cafes and restaurants, home confinement – in other words, those activities that are the hallmarks of Australian life have been drastically altered. However, our personal responses to the pandemic has seen Australia and in particular, our region, keep at bay many of the difficult and deadly challenges that have befallen countless other towns, cities and countries throughout the world.

The Maclean Freemason Lodge (AKA, Lodge Livingstone No 71) was established under the auspices of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and ACT in 1879 and has met regularly since then. The Lodge has an honourable history that pre-dates its establishment under the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT initially established as a Freemason’s Lodge prior to 1879 under the Grand Lodge of Scotland Constitution prior to transferring to the stewardship of NSW. The establishment of the freemasons Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Scotland Constitution possibly has its origins because of the large number of Scottish settlers amongst those early settlers who called Maclean home.

But, like many other institutions that have stopped or restricted their activities during this time, the Freemasons in Maclean have cancelled all meetings but still continue to support members in their respective endeavours.

The charity expressed by Masons to their fellow masons is extensive and is one of the core values of freemasonry but extends beyond the individual to the community. Charity is one of the foci of the current master of the Maclean Lodge, Bro Rod Smith, who is regularly supporting members and assisting wherever possible particularly during this period of uncertainty caused by COVID 19.

Fundamental to Freemasonry is a respect for others regardless of creed, religion or position and the promotion of giving oneself for the betterment of the community. A new member is able to build and develop friendships that will last and more importantly that sense of friendship extends beyond the local community to all lodges across the globe. Bro Rod Smith is committed to extending the reach of freemasonry in the Clarence Valley and is seeking to promote the benefits of freemasonry. Rod’s experience as a Master in a number of Lodges speaks loudly to the level of expertise and knowledge that he has brought to the position of Master of the Lodge.

Those who are interested in acquiring more information about the freemasons of Maclean should contact the Master of the Lodge via the secretary and the advertisement on the previous page. A warm welcome is assured.