North Coast

Free soil and water testing available

In response to the recent floods and rainfall, North Coast Local Land Services is offering free soil and water testing for flood affected landholders.

Carly Green, Advisory and Extension Officer in the Sustainable Agriculture team, said, “After a flood, the quality of on-farm water changes and poor water quality can compromise livestock health, soil health and affect plant productivity.

“If you suspect your water sources have been exposed to flood water, testing will help you understand risks and limitations to production.

“Equipment such as irrigation systems can become congested with suspended solids, soil particles, and mineral deposits.” Carly said.

North Coast Local Land Services is also offering soil testing kits. Flooding and high rainfall can alter soil fertility and plant available nutrients through erosion, runoff, waterlogging, leaching and sediment deposition.

Carly continued, “Testing your soil will provide a snapshot of the current state of soil fertility, including any soil constraints that may need to be managed.

“Knowing your soil fertility and any limitations to production can help you make decisions and discover potential savings.”

Feed testing is also available if required. Contact our team to discuss your needs by calling 1300 795 299 or Carly Green, Graduate Advisory and Extension Officer – Sustainable Agriculture on 0456 561 862.