North Coast

Free refreshment for drivers at Woodburn to Stop, Revive, Survive

Transport for NSW is reminding motorists to take advantage of opportunities to stop, revive and survive while using the Pacific Highway along the NSW North Coast this holiday season. Regional Director North Anna Zycki said Transport for NSW is continuing its partnership with Richmond Valley Council, encouraging motorists to take a break in the recently bypassed town of Woodburn on the banks of the Richmond River. “Fatigue is one of the top three killers on NSW roads and at this busy time of year, it’s vital for the safety of all road users to ensure drivers and riders are not travelling tired,” Ms Zycki said. “Drivers may previously have been frustrated by congestion at Woodburn – which has been bypassed by the Pacific Highway upgrade, along with Broadwater and Wardell – but now this town provides the perfect opportunity to relax and refresh. “Following the success of the Woodburn Fatigue Initiative at the start of the school holidays, Transport for NSW is once again working together with Council and businesses on River Street. “Transport for NSW has provided Woodburn Visitor Information Centre and participating businesses in Woodburn with vouchers entitling drivers and riders to one free drink from any of the local participating stores, which they can enjoy while taking a break by resting near the river.” Ms Zycki said many people are using the upgraded Pacific Highway this holiday season, with road travel still booming as international travel remains curtailed due to COVID-19. “We want all road users to reach their destinations and their loved ones safely,” Ms Zycki said. “Before you head out on the roads make sure you’re well rested, give yourself plenty of travel time to get to where you need to be without rushing or speeding – and if you’ve been drinking alcohol or have taken drugs, don’t drive. “It’s important to plan ahead and take regular travel breaks while being aware of early warning signs of fatigue which include yawning, tired eyes and blinking. “As always, Transport for NSW is encouraging road users to plan ahead and take regular breaks to Stop, Revive, Survive.” Vouchers will be available at the Woodburn Visitor Information Centre, 114 River Street in Woodburn, and participating businesses on River Street from Friday 22 January to close of business, Wednesday 28 January 2021. For further information on managing fatigue, please visit: For Live Traffic NSW information please download the app or visit: