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Free range or battery reared?

Have you noticed one of the good changes that is occuring in our new COVID world is that many more people of all ages are becoming free rangers, safely riding their bikes from here to there?
How refreshing it is to see so many children happily, healthily and safely riding their bikes to and from school instead of being battery reared passengers transported there by car.
It must be very gratifying to Col Hennessy who initiated the Iluka Heart Foundation walking group who convinced the Clarence Valley Council to extend the bike and walking track right out to Iluka’s Main Beach.
Now every day walkers with or without their dogs, people on mobility scooters or in wheelchairs, families with babies in prams, joggers, bike riders of all ages, locals and visitors alike all use this wonderful facility.
And the same expansion of free range outdoor exercise is occurring everywhere our rates have been used to build these very effective, safe and healthy new transport coridors in our children’s rapidly changing world.
And with the construction of more tracks you will have a wider range of more interesting transport loptions.
Harry Johnson, Iluka