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Free Chamber membership offered for 2020

In response to the ongoing economic stressors upon local businesses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Grafton Chamber of Commerce has extended the 6-month free membership previously offered to existing members to a full year.

At the July executive meeting the executive team voted not only to waive all membership fees for this year but also to extend free membership for this financial year to any businesses who wanted to become new Chamber members.

Grafton Chamber of Commerce President Carol Pachos said, ‘The Grafton Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local business and this free membership offer is an expression of that support in these challenging times.’

The Chamber has focused in recent months on being a conduit of accurate and informative business information to their members. This has been particularly well received by local businesses.

Benefits for members also include connecting with a strong business network, access to advice and support, the promotion of Chamber members through the Chamber website, facebook page and Chamber advertising.

Chamber President added that: ‘Together Chamber members are not only a strong voice for our community but access to the benefits of membership can be a positive during these challenging times.’

The Chamber can be contacted at: [email protected]