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Patrick Roberts aims to create a folk and acoustic music group. He has an ideal venue centrally located in Yamba and is calling for expressions of interest: 0438 387 001 or email [email protected] Image: Geoff Helisma

For the love of music

Geoff Helisma|

Not every musician wants to play their music in noisy licensed venues, particularly if they’re singing, playing and or writing acoustic-based songs.

Similarly, not all music lovers want to have to filter out the din of people talking or socialising when they’d prefer to hear the nuances of the music and lyrics.

These sensibilities certainly ‘speak’ to Patrick Roberts, so much so that he wants to create an environment where both the audience and the musician can enjoy the intimacy of a performance … and he wants to make it a regular event.

As a musician himself, Patrick says he is “acutely aware how soul-destroying it can be to turn up for a gig only to find the audience speaking louder, and ever louder, to be heard above the ‘noise’ you are making”.

“It is galling to have put in hours of practice and rehearsal to be the best you can be for your audience, only to have them completely ignore you,” he says.

“Consequently the one non-negotiable rule of this group will be that it is a respectful venue; that means when the performance starts, conversations stop.”

To achieve this Patrick is calling “for expressions of interest from musicians and potential audience members to form a folk and acoustic music group based here in Yamba”.

A key consideration is to provide good experiences for both audiences and musicians; for example, pending the formation of the group and any ideas that come from that, by providing a quality ‘main’ act at each performance, along with giving local musicians an opportunity to play as one of several support acts.

“Northern New South Wales is a genuine hot spot for talented musicians,” Patrick says. “If we can create a respectful venue, we may be able to reach out to some of them and have them come and be the main act.”

Contact Patrick Roberts on 0438 387 001 or email [email protected]et.