For a more prosperous Australia


After being bombarded with information from both the “Yes” and “No” sides of the same sex marriage debate, there is one dimension to this subject that nobody seems to have mentioned.

I refer, of course to the economic benefits of a “Yes” vote. It stands to reason that if same sex couple are able to marry, then they will be able to have weddings.

Just imagine the boost to the economy when these people start having weddings.

The need for stationery, venue hire, formal wear hire, catering, drinks, Hire car rentals, florists, guest accommodation, gifts etc. The list goes on and on.

The last quote for a wedding I heard of was around $30,000. It would probably be considerably higher nowadays.

Then, consider the benefits to the legal profession. If people can legally marry, then it follows that they can legally divorce. The solicitors must be rubbing their hands together. Imagine the extra property settlements. Then, who gets custody of the budgie and the pot plants!

I believe that a “Yes “ vote on this matter could turn Australia’s balance of payments deficit around, and all this at no expense to the tax payer.

So, for a more prosperous Australia, Vote “Yes”.

Graham Turner,
South Grafton