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Flying foxes explained

Geoff Helisma |

Ever wondered why flying-foxes are protected?

The answers will be provided this Friday night at the Yamba Cinema when members of Valley Watch, Wildlife SOS and the Australasian Bat Society host a presentation and Q & A on the subject.

Imelda Jennings from Wildlife SOS will commence proceedings with an informative talk and slide show.

This will be followed by the screening of Wings of the Night, a documentary about flying-foxes – “Wiruungga is a reporter from a small radio station at the Australian east coast. He is also an Aboriginal Australian and his totem is the flying-fox.

“So he is out to research not only for his radio program but even more so for himself. He moves to a flying fox camp in a suburb near Brisbane. Here, around 400,000 fruit bats sleep day by day in the trees.”

This ties in, to some degree, to the long-running conflict with flying-foxes in Maclean.

“Flying-foxes and bats, in general, carry an incredible weight of false myth on their leathery wings,” says a spokesperson for the night.
“The Maclean flying fox colony is largely misunderstood by the community, with some in the past lobbying to have the colony dispersed; at times the animals were demonised.”

After the film there will be a Q & A and light refreshments will be provided.

The show is on Friday 19 October and starts at 6.30pm; admission is $12; kids are free.