Fit to Govern

I am concerned about stories on the Council in the first 5 pages of Wednesday’s (CVI 18/5/16).
Page 1 re McLachlan Pk. You, 56% of interested people, the Arborist and other Councillors recognised the importance of the trees. Is Democracy dead?
Respected former mayor Ian Tiley says “…The council is representing of democracy and the various views should be heard.”
Page 3 re Special Rate Variation Application. The council failed to communicate the need or impact of the variation. Is the CV Council still unfit?
Page 5 re Proposed Service Station. I find it unbelievable that Council published the wrong date for the close of submissions. Does this demonstrate fitness?
Three stories directly impacting on the Lower Clarence.
Questions… Is the CV Council Fit to Govern?
Can Maclean Shire Council be restored?
When was the amalgamation of the financially fit MSC with other councils?
Steven Jenner, Yamba