First summer season final for Grafton swimmers

Our summer season kicked off with great gusto – the water temperature was bearable and four additional swimmers joined our ranks.

Trudi Enks and her son Davison from Canberra joined in the competition and Nicole and Isabel Lancaster also decided to take part in the night’s activities.

A huge thanks to Jill Enks who unable to swim, took on time keeping duties and also Sarah Dougherty who was our Covid-19 marshal for the night and also helped with timing.

The point score for the month of September had David Moon well in front on 65 points; Damien O’Mahony, Gary Dixon and John Wainwright were all on 57, Steve Donnelly 53, Sharon Welch 42 and Natalie Durrington 40.

Toni Ensbey, Damien O’Mahony and David Moon were the only members not to miss a swim for the whole season.

The first final for the summer season was the 50m freestyle and those qualifying were Andrew Madden, Bruce Durrington, Richard Sear and Ian Davis.

The backmarker in this event was Bruce but he had made up the distance before he reached the 30m mark and was going stroke for stroke with Andrew as they neared the finish. Andrew touched .23 just ahead of Bruce but their times indicated that they had broken by the smallest margin.

Richard was next home and although recording a slightly slow time was awarded the win with Ian taking second place.

In the 30m final, swimmers were not only trying to score a win and earn good points, but they were also hoping to take home the Stephen Donnelly Explosive cup.

The four finalists in this event were Anne Simkus, Yvonne Shorrock, Terry Marsh and Doug Ensbey.

Yvonne, first off the mark on handicap, took off like a rocket and swam strongly to the line beating her nearest opposition by a good one and a half seconds.

However, the judge had bad news for her – she was too fast which left the win and the cup to be presented to Doug Ensbey with Anne taking second place and Terry, third.

The five finalists for the 30m B B & B were David Moon, Yvonne Shorrock, Terry Marsh, Trudi Enks and Ian Davis.

Although giving away a massive 16 seconds start David was only just pipped at the line by Trudie who unfortunately was disqualified for speeding. David was happy to receive the winning voucher and Terry filled second place and Yvonne third.

Toni Ensbey