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First historic display and hill climb

The Grafton Sporting Car Club has conducted the first ever round of historic cars, all pre-1975, with a static display on the Friday June 25 held at the Mountain View track.

On Saturday and Sunday June 26-27 (both days), a hill climb was conducted and some of the old race cars were fast for their age.

On Saturday we copped rain but by afternoon the sun was out for the session and again on Sunday. The drivers enjoyed the weekend and stated that they will be back next year.

A big thank you to our president Graham and racer Steve Purdy and all those who were responsible for the weekend. To our sponsors Neil’s Plumbing, Clarence Water Filters, Shannon’s Insurance and Westlawn Mechanical Repairs we also say thank you. A special mention to Lynn and the ladies for putting on a great feed on Saturday night and running the canteen over the three days. Special thanks to all the volunteers who turned up and to the drivers, crew and family for the fantastic days.


Group 1: Mike Gosbell (1932 Russell Morris) – time 63.30.

Group 2: Steve Eather (1958 Austin Lancer Series 1) – time                           61.73.

Group 3: Dick Willis (1960 Nota Major) – time 55.15; 2nd Tony Goninan (Ausper Formula Junior) – time 57.22; 3rd Robert Rees (1960 Alexander Turner) – time 58.77.

Group 4: Phillip Redhead (1960 MGA 1600) – time 60.25.

Group 5: Mark Wood (1970 Ford Cortina 440) – time 55.5; 2nd John Hoade (1964 Morris Cooper S) – time 55.88; 3rd Glenn Potter (1967 Volvo 123 GT) – time 62.78.

Group 6: Ken Norton (1969 Remlin Ford) – time 53.99; 2nd Douglas Anderson (1962 Elfin WR 375) – time 54.39; 3rd Dave Morrow (1968 Nota Mac) – time 55.09.

Group 8: Greg Bull (1972 Ford Escort) – time 54.99; 2nd Matthew Whyburn (1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe) – time 55.36.

Group 9: William Norton (1973 GRD Ford F3) – time 47.97; 2nd David Owen (1974 Bulant Mk 76 Clubman) – time 52.68; 3rd Ken Norton (1974/5 GRD F3/Remin) – time 52.82.

Group 10: Dick Hughes (1974 MG Midget) – time 59.42; 2nd James Jonklass (1969 MGB Mk1) – time 64.63.

Rodger Evans