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Image credit: Grafton Twilight Farmers Market

Fire destroys vehicle in Grafton CBD

Emma Pritchard

A Nissan Patrol four-wheel-drive was destroyed by a fire in Grafton last week.

Shortly after 7pm on Thursday June 3, the occupants of the vehicle noticed smoke and flames coming from the engine bay as they drove past Market Square while the weekly Grafton Twilight Farmers Market was being held. The driver immediately pulled over in Pound Street, opposite Jetts Grafton, as marketgoers offered assistance, and emergency services were contacted.

Image credit: Grafton Twilight Farmers Market

Grafton Fire and Rescue 306 Station Deputy Captain Chris Rumpf said the vehicle’s engine bay was engulfed by flames when the local crew arrived at the scene. Deputy Captain Rumpf confirmed no one was injured as a result of the fire and although there were initial concerns regarding the vehicle’s proximity to nearby buildings, neighboring properties did not incur any damage.

“The vehicle was basically destroyed,” he said, adding the incident occurred “just around the corner” from the Grafton Fire and Rescue 306 Station. “Someone from the markets was already at the scene doing traffic control when our fire crew arrived. “The occupants of the vehicle managed to escape without injury, and we were able to contain the scene.”

Deputy Captain Rumpf also confirmed Grafton Police were notified of the incident. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.