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Find Your New Life Story with David Roland @ Grafton Library 

When our life is turned upside down by upheaval, intense loss or trauma we have the opportunity to create a new life story, a growth story that takes us beyond our suffering and into new territory. How do we find this story?

Dr David Roland is visiting the Grafton Library on Friday 17 December at 10am for an unmissable workshop, Finding your new life story exploring resilience through storytelling, and you are invited to come along. David brings warmth, humour and insight to his work as a writer, presenter and psychologist drawing on his lived experience as well as his professional training. 

In this workshop David will introduce the concept of post-traumatic growth to provide participants with a framework to examine what happens after a life trauma or life upheaval and how, paradoxically this can lead to new beginnings and new ways of being. this is finding your new story.

This workshop is for people who are resolving a life trauma, helping others to work through a life trauma, or those who are keen to understand the psychology of post-traumatic growth and how this might apply to their work.

David’s latest book ‘The Power of Suffering: Growing Through Life Crises’ (Simon & Shuster, 2020) draws together the real-life stories of 11 incredible people who survived their crises and grew in transformative ways and is featured within the newly launched Resilient Clarence Collection of resources now available at Clarence Regional Libraries. 

Writer, presenter and psychologist David Roland. Image: Contributed

The morning session of the workshop will include introductions and guidelines for the day, the model of post-traumatic growth and touch on core beliefs and how these can be disrupted and need to be remade. The day will be split into writing sessions.

David will provide writing prompts for each session and facilitate the discussion about how to apply them. He will offer some sample writings from his own work. Participants do not need to use writing as their main medium for ‘writing’ their story. they could also use mind mapping, drawing and other methods for depicting their stories that are practical with the workshop environment.

“We are delighted to welcome Dr David Roland to the Clarence and are excited to bring this unique and invaluable workshop to the people of Grafton and beyond.” Regional Librarian Kathryn Breward said.
“The opportunity to reflect, connect and explore through stories is something we are proud to support. Finding our stories helps to shape and build connected and resilient communities.”
“We also encourage people to explore our Resilient Clarence Collection, Mrs Breward said. ‘It’s a diverse collection including fiction, non-fiction, oral history, local history, and children’s stories, and is available at your local library.”

Book now, visit or call the Grafton Library or check out the events listing on the library website for more information and to book online.