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Filtered for fun

Jake and Andy aren’t girls, but they do want to have fun – in fact all of what they play is filtered through the ‘Jake and Andy Filter’ to achieve maximum fun levels.
“The result,” they say, “is in what you hear and see; acoustic rhythms with gritty yet soulful vocals, tasteful lead guitar licks and a smattering of harmonica and foot-stomp for added sex appeal.
“We pride ourselves on our tight, yet relaxed, original sound and our genre jumping song list is aimed at suiting a range of modern events.
“We love music; discovering the old and unearthing the new. We also love the great outdoors and everything Australia is blessed with – sun, surf, sand, sport and fresh air.”
The boys spread their playlist and style across acoustic, roots, rock, blues and reggae genres. Catch them at the Pacific Hotel this Friday night June 9.