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Fibromyalgia support

This year is slipping away so fast, it is hard to believe we are almost halfway through!

This month’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 19, at 10 am at the Grafton District Services Club.

The Fibromyalgia Support Group Meetings are a great way to meet other people that may be experiencing the same pain and issues that you are suffering. Many people that don’t have fibromyalgia have difficulty understanding those that do! They have trouble understanding why you must turn down invitations, and simply cannot do what you used to before fibromyalgia came along and clipped your wings. Getting diagnosed can be an arduous task, many doctors either don’t believe the condition exists or simply don’t know enough about it. Although research is constantly being done, as yet there is no known cure. Many people (myself included) find spending time each month with fellow fibro sufferers immensely beneficial.

Talking and sharing can lighten your load, so please come along and enjoy some time away from it all, have a cuppa and a chat with our lovely group, stay for lunch if so inclined. For further information please contact Coleen Flynn on 0428 228 134 or Deborah O’Driscoll on 0434 031 295.

Coleen Flynn