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Fibromyalgia Support Group

Last month we included a lovely lady from the Lower River who shared her experience with the group. Although everyone’s journey with fibromyalgia is different, many people share the same symptoms. As well as the more common symptoms associated with this illness, such as chronic pain, fatigue, sleep issues and cognitive disfunction there are multiple side effects.

The Fibromyalgia Support Group can bring clarity to those experiencing symptoms but are unsure whether their symptoms may be due to fibromyalgia or not. Besides offering a wealth of knowledge about regimes and products that have been useful for them, our members provide the understanding and support that is so very much needed when others struggle with your condition.

Unfortunately, our July meeting that was to take place on 21st has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions.

We look forward to meeting on Wednesday August 18 at the Grafton District Services Club at 10am.

Please come along, you are most welcome, whether you have fibromyalgia, caring for someone who has or are suffering from chronic pain.

For further information please contact Coleen Flynn on 0428 228 134 or Deborah O’Driscoll on 0434 031 295.

Coleen Flynn