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Ferry Park Gallery ~ ‘Artist of the Month for July’

Ferry Park Gallery Artist of the Month for July are family members Yvonne and Pammi Stewart.

The Gallery is open 7 days 9am – 3pm.


Yvonne Stewart

When I was very young, my grandmother was always sewing or had a pair of knitting needles in her hands. She was never idle. She was very keen when I showed an interest in knitting and taught me to knit at a very early age. It is interesting that many of the patterns Nan used in the 1950’s and 60‘s are once again in vogue.

I kept knitting, and like my grandmother my hands are never idle. I can’t remember when I didn’t have a set of knitting needles in my hands. Some of my items have been shared across generations of my family.

After moving to the North Coast around 15 years ago and having a dedicated craft room, it began to fill up and I was lucky to discover Ferry Park. I joined this wonderful group and found a way to make space in my craft room and share my passion with others.

I love going through old pattern books and adapting patterns or creating my own patterns. I experiment with colours and textures and use different yarns including wools, cottons, acrylics and bamboos to give unique effects. As well as textured knits I also love knitting picture knits, arans, cables and laces. Occasionally I will just start knitting and decide part way through what the end product will be. I make items including children’s wear, summer tops, jumpers, beanies, scarves, gloves, rugs and capes and no two items are ever the same.

Previously I have knitted garments for the Wool Museum in Geelong, in Victoria and for a boutique on the Gold Coast. Since my move from Victoria I now only display and sell my creations through Ferry Park Gallery.


Pammi Stewart

I am a mum to three beautiful children and have been living in the Clarence Valley for just over five years. I began crafting early in life but left it behind in my teen years. I have since searched for the best fit for me in crafting. I have been creating beautiful handmade cards and have dabbled a little in beading, macramé, making key rings and light catchers. Then my mother in law gave me a sewing machine and I have expanded and taught myself to sew. Now there’s no stopping me. When I can find a few spare hours, I love making unique purses and bags.

I have recently acquired a new industrial sewing machine which enables me to expand my horizons even further and to use the heavier materials such as vinyls and leathers. I can make my products to order and have made patterns which include sharks, Minions, Hello Kitty, ballerinas and even a Ned Kelly ‘Such is Life’ with an interior consisting of antique pistols.