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Ferry Park Gallery ‘8X8 Small Works’ competition results

Each year the Lower Clarence Art and Crafts Association (LCACA) holds the Small Works 8×8 competition at Ferry Park Gallery.

This year we have hung a record number of entries, with a high standard of work across all sections. There is a mix of paintings, mixed media, glass, wood, collection, collage, assemblage, patchwork and sculpture in response to the theme of “The Everyday”.

The works reflect precious moments from our ‘everyday’ lives, something that suddenly feels more important and emotive in this current climate. It is significant that with six months of drought, fire, flood and now COVID19, the subjects reflect things close to home; simple things that are important to us.

Unfortunately, Ferry Park Gallery is closed to the public but we are working on displaying the entries on our website and Facebook page.  

The curators of the Exhibition wish to thank all entrants for their contribution to what is a stunning show of responses to the theme, ‘The Everyday’

And the winners are:

Open section

1st – ‘Green Tea’ (Jenni Gander).  

2nd – ‘Treasures of the Early Morning Beach Walk’ (Bobbie Winger). 

3rd – ‘Backyard’ (Stewart Hase). 

Highly Commended

‘Une Petite Poire – One Little Pear’ (Joy Courtney).                       

‘Net Results’ (Steve McKenzie).

Winner open section ‘Green Tea’
Jenni Gander

Student sections

Section 2 (4-7 Years)

1st – ‘Lego Man and Me’ (Hayden Thompson).

2nd – ‘Feeding the Lambs’ (Alexander Jagoe). 

3rd – ‘Around the World’ (Dash Moore).

Highly Commended

‘Lost in a Dream’ (Frankie Grant).

Winner 4-7years ‘Lego man and me’ Hayden Thompson

Section 3 (8-11 Years)

1st – ‘Teeth Time’ (Kalika Symonds).

2nd – ‘Watching the Clarence’ (Charlotte Cheng).

3rd – ‘Feeding the Magpies’ (Charlotte Caldwell).

Highly Commended    

‘Loving My Horse’ (Meckenzie Jagoe).

‘Watching the Lorikeets’ (Elle Latham).                                                                

Winner 8-11 years ‘Teeth Time’
Kalika Symonds

Section 4 (12-16 Years)

1st – ‘Jeffery the Cow’ (Chloe George).

2nd – ‘Bad Hair Day’ (Cooper Rumpf).

3rd – ‘Junction Hill Sunrise’ (Beau Thompson).

Highly Commended

‘Tea Time!’ (Madeleine Wilson).

Winner 12-16 years ‘Jeffery the cow’
Chloe George

Suz & Penny