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Ferry Park ‘Artist of the Month’ – Barbara Butler

Tell us a bit about yourself (where you live, how long you have been creating, hobbies, interests)

I live in South Grafton and have been interested in many different crafts over quite a few years. However, jewellery making and working with polymer clay are now my passion and I have been creating for about 12 years. I enjoy attending workshops, craft shows and fairs to enhance my skills and learn new techniques that are then used to create my handmade designs.

Can you explain your art/craft and the materials you like to use?

Polymer clay is the material used extensively in my work to create original beads, patterns and designs to embellish utensils such as salad servers, cheese knives, children’s cutlery plus many more items. Polymer clay is an art medium that is known for its versatility, pliability and simplicity. It is a man-made oven baked modelling material composed of polymers, resins and colouring agents. I also use a variety of glass and semi precious beads and natural stones to handcraft original jewellery creations.

What is your creative process?

My creative process begins with basic designs that are developed and enhanced to produce individual items. Often I begin creating a piece with a design idea in mind but it can change along the way and the finished piece could be completely different which makes it more unique.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration for my craft can come from many areas. Something as simple as strands of beads falling together can spark an idea. I enjoy experimenting with new colour schemes, patterns and mixing a variety of beads and textures.

What works do you have on show this month at Ferry Park?

During this month I will have polymer clay covered utensils on display as well as original handcrafted jewellery including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. My design styles vary from contemporary to more modern and colourful items.