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An enthusiastic group of children entered the Junior 4-8 years section and proudly displayed their numbers. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Fashionable day at the races

Emma Pritchard|

As the horses paraded in the mounting yard, entrants in the Maclean Bowling Club Kids and Family Fashions on the Field smiled proudly and stood elegantly as they displayed their finest styles for the judges.

Toddlers aged 1-3 years, juniors aged 4-8 years, tweens aged 9-12 years and teenagers aged 13-17 years charmed the judges, and the crowd, with their gorgeous outfits and bright smiles as they stood patiently on stage and held up their numbers.

And while most of the kids were more excited to receive a complimentary bag of lollies following the competition, every one of them enjoyed themselves and the opportunity to dress up at the races.

Mums and dads also had fun entering the Family Fashions alongside their children.

A stylish group of teenagers took their places in the 2021 Maclean Bowling Club Fashions on the Field. Image: Emma Pritchard.
Amie, John and Cody Want were the winners of the Family Fashions on the Field at Maclean Cup Day. Image: Emma Pritchard.