Farmers friends in Maclean

My reason for taking this photo is to showcase how this council has a policy on noxious weeds, but apparently only in McLachlan Park.
These farmers friends are allowed to grow in the Maclean CBD centre, yet Grafton has impressive garden beds of flowers throughout the city.
Why is it that other towns do not get the same level of council’s garden maintenance that is so much showcased in Grafton.
Will the 8 per cent rate rise, starting in 2016, see a better distribution of council services in other towns?
Down river rate payers are definitely the poor cousins within this Grafton/Clarence Valley Council.
Do not be fooled by the 8 per cent rate rise, the 8 per cent is added to the current yearly balance, which in my books when calculated by five equals 46 per cent over 5 years.
Bob MacPherson,