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Extinction Rebellion Clarence Valley

In a week of unprecedented local bushfires, more than a hundred Clarence Valley residents attended an inaugural local meeting of Clarence Valley Extinction Rebellion in Maclean on Thursday 12 September.

“We need action from Governments, and for people to finally start telling it like it is”, said organiser Karen von Ahlefeldt .

Extinction Rebellion is a worldwide climate action movement which aims, by mobilising ordinary people into the streets, in peaceful but disruptive rebellion, to force people in power to acknowledge that climate change is at crisis point and to take action accordingly.

The movement is based on clear scientific evidence that the planet is rapidly advancing towards a tipping point where catastrophic climate change can no longer be averted.

“Governments have failed to act in the face of overwhelming evidence. It is time for people to take to the streets and to be supported by others in the community as they do this”, Karen said.

“We want governments not only to tell the truth about climate change, but to communicate the urgency of action. We want them to halt the ecological damage to our country and to reduce greenhouse gases to net zero by 2025. And finally, we want them to move climate action beyond politics. This is the future of our world we are talking about. We want the creation of assemblies of ordinary citizens to advise and act on climate and ecological justice.”

The meeting applauded news that Clarence Valley Council has joined with more than 40 others in declaring a Climate Emergency in Australia.

Next steps for Clarence Valley Extinction Rebels will be to join with the Global Climate Strike this week on September 20, to support student climate strikers and demand a rapid transition from fossil fuels.

People can help in many ways. Please contact Karen on 0450 269 555, if you would like to join or to offer your support or ideas.