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Clarence Valley Ranger, Shannon Messer. Image: CVC

Every day is different for a Council Ranger

To celebrate World Ranger Day last Sunday, we step into the work boots of a Clarence Valley Council Ranger for a day.
Clarence Valley Council’s Regulatory Services department has seven Rangers, one Parking Ranger and two Animal Control Officers whose major tasks include responding to dog attacks, barking dog complaints, pollution incidents and straying cattle.
Ranger Shannon Messer has been a Council Ranger for the past two years and loves her job.
“I love coming to work every day because no two days are the same,” she said. “I work with a really great bunch and I think we all do a great job working as a team.”
Council Rangers often pick up stray dogs and cats and, if they’re unable to find their owner, deliver them to the Clarence Valley Animal Pound.
“They get wormed and vaccinated when they come to council. If they go back to their homes then that’s great, if not then they’re already done before they go to a new home,” Ms Messer said.
“It can be very heartbreaking, but also very rewarding, because if you’re having a really bad day you can go and pat a cat or cuddle a dog.
“I’ll have to admit I have taken one dog and two cats home already so far, and I don’t think anybody else in this place has not taken an animal home.”
At the pound the lost pets are cared for by the Animal Control Officer, who continues to search for the owners and also puts notices on the Clarence Valley Animal Pound Facebook page in the hope of finding the owners of lost pets.
“A lot of the time we find owners that way, and when we don’t they get to stay here and we find them a new home,” Ms Messer said.
To report an incident to a Council Ranger call Customer Service (6643 0200) to provide details, and the job will be allocated to the appropriate Ranger.
World Ranger Day is celebrated worldwide on July 31 to celebrate the vital work rangers do to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage.
The first World Ranger Day took place in 2007, the date represented the 15th anniversary of when the International Ranger Federation was founded. IRF stands for the International Ranger Federation.