Eternal star shines

At the Bravehearts Stroke event over nine holes at Maclean Golf Club, the oldest player shone out over all contenders with a cracking round.

Our good mate Dr John Lockwood (84 years old) was too good for us young-uns scoring 30 nett and taking home the red wine prize. In his flawless round he included two chip-ins from off the green to murder the field and show us how it is done. Unfortunately, his handicap was docked 3 points as a result of his effort… hope he recovers from the shock!

In second place with a superlative game was Bruce Johnston (h/cap 19) with 33.5-point haul, to take home the Sassafras $10 voucher… sadly he too lost points (2) off his handicap. Great golf you two, we are impressed with your game.

In third place was Gary Taylor (box of chocolates) with 36 points, lucky for him he was as per handicap as he too would have been slapped with a points fine also.

Trevor Wright had the least Putts (16) to score a bottle of Dr J’s Kumquat Marmalade (thanks John).

Gary Taylor had a double NTPs on both the 2nd and the 7th holes winning the Caperberry Cafe $20 meal voucher and the Italian on the Hill Restaurant free drinks prizes… feeling a little guilty, he donated them back for next week.

Dr John had the last word with the longest putt of 6 metres, to go with his two 20 metre chip-ins… What a LEGEND.

We are definitely teeing off at 9am next Tuesday so we will all be warm enough to compete against the “MAN”. See you there, everyone welcome, ladies as well at Maclean Country Golf Club.


Gary Taylor