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The first rally car arrives at Yamba on Saturday at the end of this year’s Endeavour Rally. Image: Lynne Mowbray.

Endeavour Rally wraps up in Yamba

Lynne Mowbray |

The Great Endeavour Rally has wrapped up in Yamba on Saturday, after its eight-day, 3000 kilometre trek.

Each year, funds raised from The Endeavour Foundation’s Great Endeavour Rally, go towards providing opportunities for people with an intellectual disability to learn life skills, live independently, find a job they love and be actively involved in their local communities.

This year’s epic eight-day Great Southern Safari began at the Gold Coast before travelling through outback NSW to Dubbo and finishing at Yamba, on Saturday.

Rally Co-ordinator Nathan Woolhouse said that this year’s rally had so far raised just over $300,000.

“Our target was $330,000 but we still have a few auction items to go so hopefully we can edge a bit closer to it after the final dinner at the Yamba Golf Club tonight (Saturday),” he said.
“This year we had 31 competitive cars taking part in the rally, with over 50 support cars, which includes six army support vehicles, which are mechanical and recovery support.
“This year the money raised will go towards VR (virtual reality) technology which promotes more of a safe learning environment for tasks that most of us do every day.
“So we can teach a person with an intellectual disability, how to use say an ATM without the pressure of people behind them waiting, so when they walk up to a machine at the bank, it’s just second nature.
“Other things that can be taught with VR, are teaching a person to drive before they take to the wheel, how to use public transport for example, how to catch a bus or a train and use a go-card.
“These are things that most of us take for granted, but it can be a very stressful situation for a lot of the guys with an intellectual disability. So it helps to alleviate the stress when they can learn in a safe environment first.
“So hopefully, the money raised from these rallies can go to help make life a little easier for people with disabilities,” he said.

Great Endeavour Rally co-ordinator Nathan Woolhouse centre with Army support crew Mathew Beresford and Aaron Hopgood
Car number 66 crew came from Sydney, Perth and London to take part in this year’s rally
Dirty Doctors team Peter Brady of Brisbane and Nigel Lomas of Canberra
‘The Cruisers’ – Father and son team Gawain and Nicholas Boyland, of Rockhampton, with their VT 1998 Commodore
Yamba Lions Club Ruby Perryman and Peter Ross cooking lunch at the end of the rally on Saturday.
Endeavour Angels Juanita and Michael Jensen of Roma, QLD (centre) with visitors to Yamba Chris Hepden and Don Eggins of QLD
Nigel and Gayle Pattinson of Mt Mellum on the Sunshine Coast who were first over the finishing line, with their mascot ‘Bevan the Bogan’.