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End of the track for model train display

David Lorenzo with his model train display which has been a labour of love for 17 years, in now up for sale. Images: Lynne Mowbray
  Lynne Mowbray The Lorenzo’s beloved display is the largest model train display open to the public in NSW. For the last 17 years David and Rhonda Lorenzo’s model train display has given enjoyment to many, but regrettably for the Lorenzo’s, they have come to the end of the line, with their much loved model train display recently being put up for sale. It is with deepest regrets, that we have to sell David said. “This is not an easy decision, but we can’t put the time in anymore, to this awesome display,” he said. David and Rhonda first opened to the public in an old church building in Lawrence before moving the display to Harwood in 2010. In October 2015 the display was re-located to a shed at the South Grafton Aero Club before moving to its current location last year, to the old Grafton Tooheys Brewery site, in North Street, Grafton. Over the years David has enjoyed creating and making various [miniature] scenes to create a more interesting display. This is not just your standard model train track. David’s eye for detail is outstanding and his display incorporates just about anything you can think of. There’s a coal mine (displaying underground workers), a gold mine, harbour, drive in theatre, timber yards, golf courses, playground with working see saw, fishing trawlers and airport. There is a battlefield with smoking buildings, a quarry and meatworks all built to scale. He has also created the village of Harwood with the sugar refinery (which has smoke coming out of one of the stacks), the Harwood Bridge with the old ‘cloverleaf’ and former vehicular ferry. Cane fields and the Harwood cricket grounds including the historic grandstand and oval including players enjoying a game on the field. There’s even a circus, Luna Park, McDonalds, KFC and Chinese take away. There’s a Lightning McQueen race track with cars reaching a speed of 65 kilometres-per-hour (as tracked by a police radar gun). The display also features several moving characters along with sound and lighting display. The display is 365sq metres in size and consists of over 100 trains, 130 rolling stock, 80 carriages, 105 lights, 2645 people, 185 buildings plus heaps more. The Lorenzo’s beloved display is the largest model train display open to the public in NSW. With the Lorenzo’s growing business (the Plantation Organic Bakery), demanding more of their time, the couple unfortunately no longer have the time needed, to put into their beloved model train display. For more information: contact David on 0412 645 405.