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Members all dressed up for our Easter celebrations. Image: Contributed

Easter at Osprey RSL Day Club

Hippity-Hop. What a fun day we had on Friday with our pre Easter celebrations. It all began when you followed the bunny footprints that led you to our door, and then you were greeted by mad volunteers sporting Easter bonnets, spivvy top hats, one fluffy cotton tail and Ears of all shapes and sizes…including one very very floppy one! I cannot put in print the favourite solution for that poor ear, but it was a great laugh.

Another big thank you to Craig for our yummy muffins; not quite as good as your mum’s biscuit recipe of last week, but close, and the saffron chicken and rice was to die for…but we won’t because we want to see what surprises you will be serving up next week. I have to say it makes our day that much more exciting trying to guess what lunch might be that day. Hopefully we might have ANZAC biscuits when we meet on April 26 when we will be acknowledging ANZAC Day.

Please don’t forget that we will not be attending Osprey on April 19 as that is Good Friday.

Our three raffle winners were Joe, Pete and Heather. I do hope all that chocolate does not make you hyper and a problem for your children and grandchildren. I suspect they may put you in the “naughty corner”…unless of course you share.

Leanne went above and beyond to make those beautiful Easter biscuits which she decorated so beautifully. In her spare time Leanne also created cute bunny cards with individual hand written Easter greetings for everyone. They say “if you need a job done. Ask a busy person”. I hope you all realise just how lucky we are to have such fun loving devoted volunteers, who incidentally, derive just as much pleasure each week as you do.

Happy Easter everyone.

Contact Leanne Christie for info 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning