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EARTH MATTERS – Cane Toads in the Clarence

For over 20 years the small pocket of toads in the Lower Clarence has been a source of frustration for many. With some of the nation’s most significant wetlands only a few hops away there are a lot of reasons to contain this pest population.
In this second Earth Matters session of the year Nigel Blake, who is employed by North Coast Local Land Services, will discuss the ongoing toad busting challenge from his perspective as a government employee and fan of the swamps.
You’ll hear about those involved in the mission to keep toads out of the homes, national parks and high ecological value wetlands of the Clarence Floodplain – see the latest weapons, marvel at the haul of toads collected by volunteers and our local contractor, and take part in a brain storm on how to get more troops on the ground to tackle this menace.
Earth Matters is a session on environmental issues which is conducted every two months by the Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition in conjunction with the Clarence Environment Centre.
Time: 5.30 pm, Monday May 16. Venue: Staffroom, Grafton Primary School, Queen St, Grafton.
All welcome.
For further information contact Stan on 6644 9309.
Leonie Blain