Drought-affected farmers: financial assistance is available

Ed, Approaching the festive season, let’s remember that many Australian farmers have had a tough year because of the drought. Many say it’s the worst in living memory. Farmers are incredibly resilient, strong and proud. Drought-affected farmers show remarkable strength of character, coping with determination in the face of hardships, doing their best to prepare ahead of time for the conditions they are experiencing. Yet, with no rain to break the dry spell, the road to recovery is long.  The drought has rallied support for farmers in towns and cities Australia-wide. Tens of thousands of people donated to the Red Cross “Help Aussie Farmers” appeal. With these contributions and with our local partners, the Country Women’s Association and Rural Financial Counselling Service, we have reached thousands of farmers and farming families with financial assistance. Some farmers are reluctant to seek financial support – for all sorts of reasons. However, farmers tell us it’s easy to apply for the funds donated to Red Cross.  They say the funds reach them quickly to cover household expenses such as groceries and utility bills. If you’re a drought-affected farmer or reliant on farming for your livelihood, please come forward for support. Let us ease the burden. Looking towards Christmas, we encourage you to keep connected and check on family and friends to ensure they are okay. Remember, the whole country is thinking of you. To access a Red Cross drought relief grant, visit redcross.org.au/drought. Red Cross CEO, Judy Slatyer Danica Leys, CEO, Country Women’s Association of NSW