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Vandals caused significant damage to the Terry West Athletics Field at Barnier Park, Junction Hill on March 19 when they accessed the area and tore up the turf by performing several doughnuts in the soggy ground. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Driving act of wet weather stupidity

Emma Pritchard

Senseless vandals targeted the Terry West Athletics Field at Barnier Park in Junction Hill during the recent wet weather.

On March 19, a vehicle accessed the popular local sports venue and performed a series of doughnuts, gouging the muddy turf and leaving tyre tracks, some more than four inches deep, in the soggy ground. It is alleged a post near the soccer sheds at the venue was moved by the vandals to gain access.  

Although several local sporting events, including Grafton Parkrun which use Barnier Park each weekend had already been cancelled due to the inclement weather, the severity of the damage means the venue could be unable to be used by the public for several weeks. A Junction Hill resident, who did not wish to be identified, said they are “sick and tired of hoons in hotted up cars ruining peaceful areas within the community and destroying public places for their own amusement.”

“They don’t care about the damage they cause,” the resident declared.

“They just think it’s cool to go out and destroy something because they’re either bored or they think it’s fun, but it’s not.

“They’re just a bunch of inconsiderate dickheads and by crikey, I hope the police find them and they’re made to take responsibility for their actions because they’re idiots.”

The resident also revealed that while they live close to Barnier Park and were home on March 19, they did not hear anything in relation to the vandalism.

“I’m actually amazed, and if I’m honest disappointed, the idiots didn’t get bogged while they were doing their doughnuts,” they said.

“I reckon that wouldn’t been great karma for them.”

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism is encouraged to contact Grafton Police on 6642 0222 or CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.