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Dougherty Villa extension finally at DA stage

Celebrating the Dougherty Villa extension reaching DA stage are Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis, Clarence Village chair Geoff Shepherd, architect Dayne Mearns, and Page MP Kevin Hogan. Image: Josh McMahon.

Clarence Village has finally lodged the development application for its 20-unit extension of high and dementia care units at Dougherty Villa in Grafton, more than two years after funding was announced.
Page MP Kevin Hogan announced $1.2million for the Dougherty Villa extension in February 2015, alongside $2.1million to Whiddon Group for 36 new places in Grafton. Stage one of the Whiddon Group’s development is complete and has been opened, with stage two currently nearing completion.
Clarence Village announced last week that it has overcome obstacles, to finally have the development application to Clarence Valley Council.
Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis said that “dealing with bureaucracy was a nightmare” in pushing the project forward – bureaucracy of his own government, against which he needed to lobby for Clarence Village’s interests. Mr Gulaptis said a land rights claim had been made despite the land being zoned for urban use, and it took several years to sort out.
Clarence Village representatives were all smiles last week as they announced the project had reached the development application stage, that would “help fill a significant need in the community”.