Don’t worry, be happy

Ed, Janette Baillie’s letter (CVI 30/9/15) is dumping on dogs, cats and thieves, lumping the three together as one bad mess. Evidently her yard has an inordinate number of dog droppings over everyone else’s front yard and appears to feel this is a personal attack. Those who walk their dogs – in the park- also get a serve and cats at night making noises! What about bird droppings? Pigeon’s cooing? Frog’s croaking? Cricket’s chirping? People jogging by early in morning making noise? Cars driving along playing music? Groups of people walking by, making noise as they are in party mode? Janette, start relaxing and enjoying life. If you only have such things to complain about, life is pretty good. As the songs say: “C’mon Get Happy” and “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. Celeste Warren, Yamba