Ed, It is with great disappointment that I report that questions concerning Public Health and Safety, asked by The Clarence Forum on the 23rd of December 2015, to CVC Director Troy Anderson remain unanswered. I note that similar questions, to Council, from the CV Independent were also unanswered. While CVC’s senior management accuse me of ‘irresponsible scaremongering’, for daring to ask questions, they refuse to answer basic questions about issues which may have serious health impacts on the people of South Grafton. Why haven’t Council answered these questions? “The date that CVC entered the Tyson Street site, next to the South Grafton High School, on the Councils Asbestos Register. The date that Council most recently changed the locks on the gates to the Tyson Street site. Confirmation that the Tyson Street sites inclusion on Council’s asbestos register specifies friable asbestos. Confirmation that no workers will be allowed on the site until a remediation plan has been developed and approved. Council’s plans with regard to remediating the site prior to the commencement of construction work for their super depot. Council’s plans with regard to identifying the sites where materials taken from the Tyson Street site have been deposited. Council’s plans with regard to notifying local residents who may have taken advantage of Councils open gates to the site and used material from the site for their homes and gardens. Council’s intentions with regard to providing free health checks to any workers who have used the site. Council’s intentions with regard to providing free health checks to local residents, school students and staff from the adjacent High School who may have been exposed to materials from the site.” John Hagger, The Clarence Forum