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Second Hand Saturday’s ambassador dirtgirl pictured at a Second Hand Saturday garage sale with Mia and Olivia Lewis of Yamba. Image: Lynne Mowbray.

Dirtgirl supports Second Hand Saturday

Lynne Mowbray |

Second Hand Saturday’s ambassador dirtgirl was busy around the Clarence Valley on Saturday, checking out as many of the valleys 101 garage sales, as she could.

The Independent caught up with dirtgirl at the Men’s and Women’s Shed in Townsend, on Saturday morning.
Children flocked around the popular eco warrior TV star as she chatted to them about recycling and repurposing items and the importance of not sending ‘stuff’ to landfill.

Dirtgirl said that she was really excited to attend Second Hand Saturday.
“I’ve spoken to a whole bunch of different people and everyone says what a great opportunity it is meet other people in their community and also to find something that they might want and to share what they don’t need anymore,” said dirtgirl.
“We have so much stuff on our planet and we need to repurpose and recycle stuff.
“It’s totally about turning trash into treasure.
“One of the best things about Second Hand Saturday is when your trash becomes someone else’s treasure and it keeps it out of landfill,” she said.

Dirtgirl’s co-creator Cate McQuillen was also checking out the garage sales around the valley with dirtgirl.
Cate said that it’s really exciting for her to see the impact that Second Hand Saturday is having within the community as they become more aware of our need to reuse and recycle.
“Second Hand Saturday for me is (seeing a change within) the community, as it shifts its ideas and understanding of what circular economy is,” Cate said.
“Second hand is about getting something and reusing it over and over again.
“We’re taking our resources and making them into stuff.
“It should always be about trying our best not to send things to landfill and the Clarence Valley of course has been committed to this for so many years and I think they do a fantastic job.
“It’s nice for us to be able to be here in the valley again, celebrating a progressive community.
“I think sometimes you think that just because we live in the bush that we’re not a progressive community, but the Clarence Valley, when it comes to waste is really progressive and I just want to make sure that we all feel that and know that the choices that we make, do make a difference,” she said.

Dirtgirl dropped in to see the locals at The Mend and Make Do Op Shop in South Grafton, on Saturday. Image: Contributed.
Nicole and Kerryn of Tucabia, with and interesting find.
Robert Toyer of Yamba with Wayne Thomas of Taloumbi checking out the tools at the Townsend Men’s Shed, on Saturday. Images: Lynne Mowbray.