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The high number of vehicles – and behaviour of some of the drivers – on the beach north of Brooms Head during the holiday period has raised the ire of some residents who regularly walk the beach. Four-wheel-drives have driven very close to the frontal dune. Images: Stephen Otton

CVC to review vehicles on beaches

Geoff Helisma | Clarence Valley Council will review its Beach Access and Vehicles on Beaches policy following objections to vehicles driving on Brooms Head beach during the holiday season. A 75-people strong community-organised meeting of those either for or against vehicles accessing Brooms Head beach, held at the Brooms Head hall on Saturday February 10, prompted the mayor, Jim Simmons, to table a mayoral minute at last week’s council meeting. Councillors unanimously supported directing the general manager to undertake the review, which will “comprise broad community consultation, including the Yaegl Native Title body”. The outcome of the policy review will be reported back to council by September 2018. During questions on the matter, the general manager, Ashley Lindsay, advised councillors that the review, while triggered by the issues raised at Brooms Head, would be a “broad” review encompassing all of the Clarence Coast’s beaches. The policy was last reviewed in 2015, during which it was decided to restrict access to Pippi Beach, Yamba. The gated access is available to “holders of RMS disabled permits” for the purpose of transporting people with “with mobility problems on or off the beach”.