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CVC seeks grant for Maclean riverfront works

cvi Clarence Valley Council will apply for a Federal Government Community Development Grant, to continue improvement works in Maclean at McLachlan Park and along the riverfront southwards to McNaughton Place. At the November 15 council meeting, councillors unanimously endorsed the officer’s recommendation, without debate, “to undertake … works toward further implementation of the Maclean Riverside Precinct Plan [MRPP]”. The proposed work, to be funded by a $1.8m grant promised by Page MP Kevin Hogan and Minister for Regional Development Fiona Nash during the federal election campaign in June, includes the completion of the McLachlan Park upgrade – areas 1 and 3 are currently under construction. The other four ‘elements’ of the proposal include the park adjacent to the court house, a foreshore promenade from McNaughton Place to the future ‘riverside square’ and upgrades to Munro Lane, a “direct link in the MRPP to the riverside square”. However, the report to council states: “Treatment of this area [Munro Lane] would include pedestrian thoroughfare, pavement construction and marking, and signage. Although the project is listed [among the five elements], based on an estimate of probable cost, it is unlikely all works to the area would be able to be undertaken.” The report to council states that the completion of area 2 at McLachlan Park “will finalise the northern bookend of the MRPP”. “The works to the riverfront area in front of the court house would complete the southern bookend to the MRPP,” the report states. “It is proposed that the works would entail amenity and access works to the park area, pontoon and roadway and riverbank. “Where possible the formalisation or regulation of parking along the western edge of the roadway in front of the court house will be undertaken.” The foreshore promenade is made up of footpath access “along McNaughton Place between the levee wall and River Street; and [along] a riverside access way from McNaughton Place to the future site of the riverside square”. Proposed works at the riverside square, which will be located on a small parcel of CVC-owned land, includes a levee wall and gates, “to provide visual and physical access to the riverbank by removing sections of levee wall”; and “picnic facilities and landscaping”. The report states that the Yaegl traditional land owners have been included in consultations and that there will be “traditional owner input into the detailed design”. “…A meeting to discuss the proposal was held on 24 October 2016 with adjoining land owners, members of Maclean Chamber of Commerce, members of Greater Maclean Community Action Group, a representative of Yaegl, and other members of the public. “Council officers were also invited to attend a Maclean Chamber of Commerce meeting to discuss a draft Chamber proposal.” “Design and costing [will] be reported to council for adoption prior to proceeding to construction,” the report states.