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Cut the violence …



The Lower Clarence Domestic and Family Violence team – made up of various government and non government services throughout the Clarence Valley – held its White Ribbon Day (November 25) function at the Yamba River market last Sunday.
Throughout the year and particularly in November, White Ribbon events are held across Australia to educate and raise awareness about men’s violence against women.
During the market, people were invited to sign a pledge: “I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women; this is my oath.”
Clarence Valley’s mayor, Jim Simmons, symbolically cut the cake, as other community representatives provided their support for the campaign against violence perpetrated upon women.
While White Ribbon Australia (WRA) focuses on men’s violence against women, it supports other organisations working to end other types of violence.
“Hopefully the work done between us will see the elimination of all forms of violence in the generations to come,” a WRA FAQ states.